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Hello there!!! So here is another GIVEAWAY!
This time there is only one giveaway, but it is very BIG one!
You can have:
- one HUGE (comparing to A4) marine bag
- one MakoHaru pillow
- five magazines with Free!
- three HUGE posters
ALL new and fresh!!
All you need is to reblog this post (no follow needed, but I will be happy if you do!).
It is international!!
Closing date: 23 July.
Please, reblog it!!!
And thank you very much for taking part!

This took FOREVER. And it was a pain in the ass, but I did it! Just wanted to try something different and fun (lies, it was not fun in the slightest, except maybe just a little). Available as a t-shirt on my redbubble!

This took FOREVER. And it was a pain in the ass, but I did it! Just wanted to try something different and fun (lies, it was not fun in the slightest, except maybe just a little). Available as a t-shirt on my redbubble!


Alt. Title: “You guys are awesome thanks for following me” Giveaway


Check this cool shit out. Thank you guys so much for sticking by me, following my blog and being some of the coolest people a girl could consider her friends. It’s been a long ass time since I did a giveaway and here we go son. 


Oh yeah you heard me. Free wig. All up in your business. Hell yeah. Whatever you want. Sent to you. Free of charge. 

This includes:

  • Base Materials
  • Styling Materials
  • Wig Head
  • Shipping to you. 


  • One reblog per blog. 
  • Must be following my blog. (It’s a giveaway for you guys who’ve been sticking with my nonsense. <3) 
  • Materials and shipping must total under $140. 
  • I have the right to refuse to style a wig if you ask for a crazy one. (Please no Nui, Condesce, or Millia.) 
  • Must be in the US. (Sorry int. folks. Shipping is crazy pricey.) 
  • If shipping exceeds $18 dollars I will ask you to cover the rest.
  • If you are under 18 you must receive parental permission.
  • If you do not claim the prize within 24 hours of winning, I will choose another. 

Giveaway Ends August 5th, 2014. 5pm PST 

Thanks again and good luck! 

New shirts available over on RedBubble! Available in different colors!

Want to see me do a certain shield? I’m open for suggestions, just send me an ask!




Hey everyone! I’m going to be giving away ONE free 3DS or 3DSXL Decoden Case! Anyone from any country can enter the giveaway, I will ship internationally. The winner will get to pick one generic theme (such as cute food, bunnies, cats, Animal Crossing, etc) and I will create a case for them…

Did you know you can gain more entries by reblogging this every day from now until the day the contest ends? :D You can also get more entries by retweeting, as well! As a reminder,
you can enter the contest here
Commissions Closing in July!

Hey everyone! I’ll be closing commissions for the month of July. Reason being I’m going to be in grooming academy during that month, and I’ll be staying in a hotel room for the time. I’m assuming even if I have internet, I’ll probably be using one of my dad’s crappy laptops and wont be able to work on much art. Unfortunately, I will also not be making any money that month since I wont be working, so I need to save up all the money I can this month so I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to feed myself. Every commission is going to be put towards July.

To commission me, you can either note me on deviantart, furaffinity, or email me at kimmorz[at]

Headshot: $8
Bust/Half-body: $11-13
Fullbody: $15

Additional Characters:
$5-8 per character



Headshot: $8
Bust/Half-body: $11-13
Fullbody: $15
-Pet Portraits: $15-25 [realistic & toony]
Additional Characters: $6-10 per character


Bust: $15 $8 SALE
Portrait: $20 $12 SALE
Fullbody: $25 $15 SALE
Additional Characters:$15-20 $7-10 per character SALE

Sale only lasting until I have a few more examples, grab one while they’re still cheap!







My choice Pokemon, SKETCH: $1
Your choice Pokemon, SKETCH: $3
Your choice Pokemon, COLOR: $3 (for Pokemon that have already been sketched)
Your choice Pokemon, SKETCH&COLOR: $5 (for Pokemon that haven’t been sketched)

Click here to see Pokemon that I’ve already completed!


BADGE: $15+

All badges are laminated!




glowNshowpony’s 800 Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

A long overdue giveaway for my followers! It’s been a lot of fun sharing MLP photos and talking about ponies with you, so it’s time for me to share some actual ponies with you!


G1 Love Melody, G1 Star Dancer, G3 Crystal Lace, and G3 Star Catcher


  1. This giveaway is for only my followers. You must be following me to be a winner.
  2. You must reblog to enter this contest. You may like and reblog as many times as you want to earn extra entries per like/reblog.
  3. No “contest” blogs can win. Real lovely people only please!
  4. You must live in the US, I’m sorry! It’s very expensive to ship overseas. xx
  5. The first winner (selected randomly) will have first pick of the above prizes, the second winner will have second pick, and so on.
  6. I will message the winner once the giveaway has ended. If I don’t hear from you with your pick and mailing address within three days, I will have to choose another winner.
  7. Be nice and love MLP!

This giveaway will end May 30th at midnight EST!

— glowNshowpony (Starglow)

There are only two more days left to enter! Good luck :)